Day 12: Hefei Concert

Tonight we performed at the Heifei Arts Theatre. There were about 500 people in the audience. We played:

Haydn - Trio in C major
Kats-Chernin - Spirit and the Maiden
Schubert - Nocturne
Ravel - Piano Trio
Piazzolla - Spring and Summer from the Four Seasons

The concert went well. The audience was pretty appreciative - we even got to play an encore! They had a computer screen projected onto the wall, with facts about each piece we played. And neon lights were scrolling above our heads, projecting the titles of the pieces and the movements. The audience was pretty good - only 3 mobile phones only went off during the concert, and there weren't too many people coming and going while we played. There were a few noisy chip packets getting opened, and someone was scrolling through their entire roll of photos, with a beep for each one, but overall, the audience was pretty well behaved. The organisers of the concert were very nice, and I think the audience really liked the whole program. I'll upload the videos of the concert next week, after we get access to Youtube again.

Afterwards we had a delicious banquet dinner in a fancy restaurant, with the director of the theatre and some other important people. Everyone was very friendly; we kept being challenging to drinking competitions with tiny thimble-glasses of Chinese white wine - I am happy to report that the Australian contingent did our team proud! Here is a photo, before it got too messy.

The food was amazing! One dish was particulary nice...

ME: what is the meat in this dish? It is delicious!
TINA: Do you like it? It is meat!
ME: Yes, what kind of meat?
TINA: Better not to ask.
ME: No, really, what is it?
TINA: After the stomach, what is this part?
ME: Intestine?
TINA: No, after that - the final part.
ME: Bowel?
TINA: Yes, that part. Of a pig.

So I guess I ate pig bowels. They were actually really tasty!