Day 5: Lessons with Rados

Today we had our second masterclass with Ferenc Rados. And I can report that I am completely convinced that he is an absolute genius!

We were a bit afraid of playing for him before this week. He is very famous, as a teacher and a chamber musician. But he is also revered for his cutting criticism if he doesn't like the way you play. Many of the great performers still go to him for lessons - Menahem Pressler of Beaux Arts Trio fame told us that Rados is the only person he trusts for musical advice. Rados has coached many of the world's greatest quartets and trios, including the Takacs Quartet. So we were a bit anxious to see what he'd think of us. But it turned out, he wasn't harsh at all - on the contrary, he was very friendly and perceptive. And he was obviously pleased when we managed to do the things he suggested. Both of the lessons we had with him completely transformed the way we played - we felt so much freer and more natural, everything just flowed!

Rados had incredible piano advice for Ben, and also for the strings. But the thing that really came through was his instinctive, natural way of phrasing and making music. What more can I say? He's really great. Here's an excerpt of the lesson with him yesterday - we played Dvorak's Dumky Trio:

In other news, we are 90% of the way towards reaching our Pozible goal! And only 3 days to go... Nearly there now!

And we had the first snow for the season this evening! Here's a photo of the snow in the street light, from the window of our apartment.