Day 4: A rainy day in Wien

Vienna was cold, wet and windy today. Here's a view from the window of our apartment. Brr!

We spent the day practicing, rehearsing, and having lessons at ECMA. Not much different from yesterday, really! The lessons were very interesting, we learnt a lot, and our pieces are getting better.

But today I want to talk about our Pozible video! We're so excited, because thanks to some very generous donations, we have nearly reached our target! For people who haven't heard about Pozible, it's a crowd-funding platform which relies a lot on social media. Anyone can put any kind of project on Pozible, then set a target amount they will need to achieve that project, then ask people to donate small amounts towards it. Platforms like Facebook are great for spreading the word to your friends and friends of friends. If the donations to your project reach the target amount, you get to put all of the money towards your project. But if you don't reach your goal, no money is deducted from anyone's credit card and you don't receive any funding.

Pozible was a bit of an experiment for us, because we have never raised funds like this before. We have to travel a lot for concerts, which gets pretty expensive, especially when we're flying back and forth between Australia and Europe, but usually we have relied on either grants, sponsorship, concert fees or our own personal savings to contribute to travel expenses. But none of these channels worked for funding our tour in China, so we thought we'd give Pozible a shot. We needed to raise $3000 for the flights to China for the three of us plus Martin's cello. And today, we reached $2574! So exciting - that's over 85% of the way there!

For the project, Ben put together a 5 minute video, which we filmed on our living room sofa, explaining what our project involved and why people should support it. We were such dorks filming it - we all got totally tongue tied in front of the camera! In the end, Ben had over 2 hours of material of us giggling and stumbling over our words to sift through. Anyway, I think he did a good job in the end - check it out here:

It's really exciting to see how many people have got on board! It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, having all these people support us! I'm really impressed by how many generous people there are out there. I wonder if this is the way of the future for musicians...