Day 15: Sanhe

Today we visited the ancient Chinese village of Sanhe. Located on three rivers, 40 km from Hefei, Sanhe is known as "The Venice of the East" - you can see why...

The air was quite smoky, because this is the time of year when the farmers burn off all of last year's crops to create ash to fertilize next year's crops with. It made a nice soft light for photos though!

All of the rooftops are decorated in this traditional Chinese style - so pretty!

There were many shops with souvenirs with cute wooden toys and things to play with.

We steered clear of all the nunchuks, crossbows, flick knives, elephant tusks, dried birds, dried fish, and snakeskin musical instruments they had for sale, though - it was like going shopping in an Australian quarantine seized-items room!

The buildings are made out of ancient, ornately carved black wood.

Here's Ben inside a the doorway of an ancient house. It's amazing how they used to live, with very open houses, dark rooms, and without any heating. It must have been so cold in the winter!

Here's Ben taking a walk down One-Person Lane.

Here are some ancient Chinese gondolas - so pretty!

Just like Venice!

While we were posing for this photo, some Chinese girls asked if they take their photo with us - it's such a novelty for them to see Caucasians, that we became the tourist attraction!

The misty, smoky air created a very pretty light as the sun began to set...

This is outside the home of a Chinese scientist who won a Nobel peace prize in physics. He is apparently the only Chinese to have won one, and is highly revered across China. He's still employed as a professor at the university in Beijing where we will be playing a concert on Saturday. Inside the house was a shrine to all of his achievements. But I found impressive in the fact that at 82 years of age, he has just remarried, to a 28 year old!

The little lane ways looked so pretty as it got dark and all the lanterns lit up.

To finish off the evening, we had dinner at a Chinese fondue restaurant:

And here's the token gross-food photo for the day - the duck blood tofu-cakes that we ate for dinner!