Back in Sydney!

Here begins our first tour back to Australia and New Zealand in 2013! We are so glad to be back! Sydney couldn’t be more perfect at this time of year. The first thing we noticed when leaving Sydney airport was the air - it is warm and smells sweet, like flowers and eucalypts. Trees and greenery are everywhere; we feel like we have landed in paradise after having just spent months surrounded by grey concrete and snow. One good thing about jetlag is that you wake early enough to watch the sun come up - on our first morning back home in the Blue Mountains, we woke at 4am to watch the sunrise. It’s absolutely magical - the kookaburras begin laughing at the moment that the sun appears.IMG_2854

Even though I make this trip three times a year, I still find it so surreal how you can just cross seasons in the space of 24 hours.
Before 24 hour flight: IMG_0779

After 24 hour flight: IMG_2856

This tour is going to be quite different from any other one we have done, because we're without our cellist this time! Martin injured in an accident with a taxi that ran a red light while he was riding his bike in Berlin. Unfortunately he has broken his wrist! It is healing ok, and he'll be fine, but it means that he's out of action for the next month. 

So, after a really unlucky accident, we've been really grateful that Julian Smiles (the wonderful cellist of the Goldner Quartet and the Australia Ensemble) has agreed to step in for Martin for the first half of the tour. Julian will be performing with us in New Zealand, Sydney, Dubbo, Batehaven and Castlemaine. Then for the second half of the tour, we're flying out an amazing cellist from Berlin, Elena Cheah. Elena was principal cello of the Staatskapelle Berlin and also the Berlin Deutsche Oper Orchestra and we have been working together with her in Berlin since Martin broke his wrist. Elena will be playing concerts with us in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Macedon, Dunolly and Hamilton, before we all fly to Dubai for our final concert of the tour. Then we will head back home to Berlin until we set off on our next trip. So this is going to be a very interesting tour for us - sad that it's not with Martin, but with superstar cellists to replace him all the way! We will be performing some beautiful trios on this tour; a bubbly Haydn Piano Trio in E major, Schubert's magnificent Piano Trio No. 1 in B flat major, Mendelssohn's turbulent Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor and an arrangement by Elena Kats-Chernin of her popular Wild Swans Suite. 

This will be the first of three Australia-wide tours our trio will be undertaking in 2013. We will be performing nine concerts in Australia this time at some really beautiful venues, which we're really looking forward to visiting. Now we have three days of rehearsals with Julian at the University of NSW to cover all of our repertoire, before leaving for our first concert in New Zealand! Luckily we are getting lots of sunlight on our skin to help get over jet lag!
Lunchtime at the University of New South Wales