Day 17: Sesame suitcases in Nanning

After a full day of rehearsals in Hefei, and some last minute shopping, we bid farewell to Hefei, our home for the past four days, and boarded the plane to Nanning, where we will perform tomorrow night.

Unfortunately, someone with a suitcase full of sesame oil also boarded our flight, and during the trip, the sesame oil managed to leak all over all of the other luggage on the plane, including our suitcases! Ben and I only had external oil-damage, but Martin had a complete sesame oil saturation - his suitcase was dripping with the stuff, as were as many of his clothes!

Thankfully our tour manager, Tina, managed to sort everything out when we arrived at Nanning airport - we were eventually compensated for the cleaning costs. It has made this tour so much easier, having Tina there to deal with situations like this - we wish we could take her on all of our tours! Anyway, the suitcases are now off being dry-cleaned!

Nanning is a warm city on the south-west coast of China. The city is built around a huge river, and when we arrived, late at night, the air was warm and balmy.

We are staying in a very nice hotel here - 5 stars! I really like the breakfast hall - "Flowery Banquet Hall"...